Infocom LLC is an independent computer game company.

We create detailed worlds for people to explore, both inside the computer and out. In the process we create experiences, and explore a different medium for telling stories.

They're your games.

You should have the right to play them without things like Digital Restrictions Management ("DRM") or other forms of restrictions, whether technological or legal.

Some might prefer you to think of DRM as Digital "Rights" Management but the term Digital "Restrictions" Management is more accurate, since it restricts what you can do with your own copies.

You should also have the right to mod your games, whether it's a small patch to fix a bug or a total conversion that turns it into something completely different.

You should also have the right to share your games, whether changed or not. Legally.

Everything you get from us come with these rights. To do this we don't use DRM. We also provide you with the source code under a license that legally grants you the right to change and share it. And to charge money for this, if you want.

This is our commitment to you. But: We think you deserve these rights on all of your games, not just the ones you get from us. Ask other game companies what rights you get. Chances are it falls short.